Welcome to Northcote Rifle Club

Visitors Welcome – Bookings Are Essential – Book Introductory Session Here

Northcote Rifle Club actively encourages people to come and try the sport of competitive smallbore target shooting. Everyone can experience this in safety and within a friendly and welcoming environment. Individuals and groups are welcome. Email us for bookings or for further information. Our FAQs may also help you.

Prone position

‘Smallbore’ is a term coined by the military in reference to .22” calibre practice rifles. This was to differentiate them from ‘fullbore’ or .303” calibre rifles.

Our indoor range is set up for smallbore target shooting. We use single shot bolt-action rifles exclusively. These are chambered for .22” calibre long rifle ammunition, fired at targets from the prone or laying down position at a distance of 20 metres.

The sport of smallbore target shooting consists of three disciplines or positions: standing position, kneeling position, prone or laying position (the most popular and easiest discipline to begin with).

You don’t need to bring anything as we can supply the necessary equipment. The range fee is very reasonable and we do not charge rental on equipment.

Visitors are taken through a firearms handling and range safety induction. A coach will be provided for your assistance. All shooting sessions are conducted under strict safety rules and Range Officer supervision. These services are provided free of charge.

Anyone can participate regardless of gender and physical ability. Some of Australia’s best smallbore competitors in the Commonwealth and Olympic Games are women. Age is not a barrier; many senior members still remain very competitive.

If you require more detailed information about our sport, visit Target Rifle Victoria.